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Originally Posted by adq View Post
Oops! Sorry, I didn't know there was another app called mangle?! Is that the PDF-exporting one already on this forum? I'd assumed it was just called "convertmanga" from the name of the zip. I've not downloaded it.

If not, can you point me at the program you mean please?
Yes, that one is called mangle too.
Here's is the projects page:

Oh and I d/l'd elfenlied chapter 1 and it looks amazing. Here my post in another thread:

Excellent stuff!

Oh and, after some thought, I myself do not really mind 2 programs being named mangle (it IS an exellent name). Context should be enough in determining what program is being discussed

But if you do I like "Mangle viewer"! And you are free to use it
Or "Manglevi"

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