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Next-gen e-readers: When?!

Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I've visited these forums, but the launch of the Amazon Kindle made me come back.

So, the Amazon Kindle sucks. I'm guessing the screen is the same as the Sony Reader and all the other devices on the market right now.

I'm going to sell my Sony Reader, because it just isn't good enough to decently read ebooks on! The screen/resolution is to small to view an A4 in a format it deserves. I don't need colour (but it would be a plus) and I don't mind the lack of WIFI or Bluetooth. I don't even care about the slow page-refresh.

But recently, development seems to be rather disappointing... No revolutionary new products, no big brands with nicely designed e-readers.

Is there any hope for the feature? Because I can't seem to find upcoming new products...

Oh yeah, to all the makers of e-readers: SUPPORT MAC!
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