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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Assuming that your naming structure is uniform, what you want is something like
{title:re( (\d\d\d\d) ,\1)}

You have lost me. Why are you checking for Perry Rhodan? Is this the only example where the hierarchy is needed?

You can get the numberInSeries column as follows:

column nis: {title:re( (\d\d\d\d) ,\1)}
column nis1: {nis:re((.)...,\1)}
column nis2: {nis:re(.(.)..,\1)}
column nis3: {nis:re(..(.).,\1)}
column nis4: {nis:re(...(.),\1)}

and the template would be something like
Thanks - I am learning a lot today :P
You are right - currently this series is the only one that has this indexing structure. (All others do not have that large a series, so the complete series can be put within one folder)
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