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I have tons of text files such as stories from Vanishing Horizons which I downloaded and organized into folders by estimated time it would take to read them, e.g. 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 50 minutes. I also have a back log of Pulp short stories downloaded as ePub using Stanza Mobile which I have now converted to mobi.

I think Kindle was of course intended for people who buy a book every week or two from but if you are a compulsive reader downloading free texts and buying lots of novellas and short stories from other online stores you end up with a folder of many many fifty minute and ninety minute reads lined up. I can read four or five of these short works in a sitting... I usually delete them when I am through but I do like browsing through the big library as it is on my old iTouch right now for exactly what I am in the mood to read at the moment.

I have been converting my big collection of texts to mobi but I have been wondering if it will be an utter nightmare if I transfer them all from Calibre in groups of say 50 at a time. The device is confusing in that the memory seems able to hold so many files but the GUI seems limited in handling large numbers of books. I have viewed a lot of youtube reviews of Kindle 3 but invariably the demos only show the interface with less then a dozen titles loaded so I have not gotten a sense of how it runs with big libraries loaded.

DesertGrandma, thanks for the link. That is a great resource I had not found on my own.
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