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Originally Posted by tirsales View Post
ARGL, I didn't even want to post that comment ... in fact I wanted to click "Go Advanced" because I wanted to rewrite it, suspend my notebook and have a look after walking my dog. Ah, whatever.

What I meant is: There are some really great ideas in the kindle. I *love* the idea of having WiFi-Access and directly downloading the books - so not being able to load them to my notebook and read them there kinda makes a stupid out of a brilliant idea. I guess I will nearly always have a reader where I have my notebook. But I just want to be able to use *both*.
I mean: if you life in the US and don't have access to Whispernet - how do you get your kindle books? And don't tell me that every little city and every little farm with some kind of internet-access will have a Whispernet-Access...
Newspaper directly to the eReader: WHOA! I preach "this will be the future of newspapers" to everyone not retreating fast enough for the last years - and they implement it! I love it! I mean: Perfect! And then - download only via Whispernet. Why?
Cheaper eBooks than nowadays and reading the first chapter for free? Perfect! But again: Kindle-Fileformat.
It is true not every little city or farm has access to Whispernet however what I've noticed that has been over looked is that you can download the AZW file to your computer and connect the kindle via USB and transfer the file manually. Amazon is only promoting Whispernet for convenience to the customers. You make purchase from the Kindle it's self and with in moment you have your book. Dont even need to touch the computer.
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