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Send to device in special folder structure

I have many books, including some very large series (eg. the Perry Rhodan series already has about 450 books and is increasing every week)
Each page can show 10 books, so, I made a structure which looks just like this:
Fiction\Harry Potter
SciFi\Perry Rhodan
SciFi\Perry Rhodan\0001-0100
SciFi\Perry Rhodan\0001-0100\0001-0010
SciFi\Perry Rhodan\0001-0100\0011-0020
SciFi\Perry Rhodan\0001-0100\0021-0030 etc...
SciFi\Perry Rhodan\0101-0200 etc...

I know I could misuse the author field, but then I have pages consisting of at least 50 entries, which makes browsing through the library extremely slow.

Is it possible to have a property for each book in Calibre which containts the location on the ebook?
This property could be filled automatically with author, but can be overridden by the user.

(I hope you understand this problem and the possible solution)
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