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Post Which reader should I buy for my mother-in-law?

My mother-in-law has severe arthritis and her vision is declining.
She cannot hold a full-size for an extended amount of time, due to the weight and her arthritis; and there are very few Large Print paperbacks published these days.
She is not particularly tech savvy, although we got her an iMac a couple of years ago. She is able to do the basics with her iMac, but not really much more. Basics refers to basic e-mail and other simple activities online.
She has no resources re Windows-based PCs, so iMac is the only way to go for her.
Is the Cybook the best option? (due to weight constraints) Is it the only option?
Will the Cybook be easy to work with in terms of downloading books for her with her iMac?
(I have a Sony PRS-500, which she loved, but the weight was marginal for her, and I've heard it's not compatible with her iMac.)

I apologize if this is difficult to read, but any helpful opinions would be appreciated.
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