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Kindle license agreenent notes...


Some bits of interest...

Amazon provides wireless connectivity free of charge to you for certain content shopping and acquisition services on your Device. You will be charged a fee for wireless connectivity for your use of other wireless services on your Device, such as Web browsing and downloading of personal files, should you elect to use those services. We will maintain a list of current fees for such services in the Kindle Store. Amazon reserves the right to discontinue wireless connectivity at any time or to otherwise change the terms for wireless connectivity at any time, including, but not limited to, (a) limiting the number and size of data files that may be transferred using wireless connectivity and (b) changing the amount and terms applicable for wireless connectivity charges.
So, web access may be free at the moment, but it's also an "experimental" feature and if the bills from Sprint get big and the book income is small then this experimental feature could go "foof" and disappear at any moment. Or they could start chaging for data access, offer premium service plans, etc.

Speaking of going foof unexpectedly...

In order to keep your Software up-to-date, Amazon may automatically provide your Device with updates/upgrades to the Software.
So don't expect to get asked about patches and version upgrades. Expect to wake up one morning and find you got 2.0 overnight, etc. Of course Tivo and other things work this way too.

Having 100% of your product available on the net all the time is pretty convenient for a software developer. Of course you can turn the wireless off if you don't have something like a newspaper subscription and don't want to recharge the device every two days.

And of course everyone wants to be nosey these days...

The Device Software will provide Amazon with data about your Device and its interaction with the Service (such as available memory, up-time, log files and signal strength) and information related to the content on your Device and your use of it (such as automatic bookmarking of the last page read and content deletions from the Device). Annotations, bookmarks, notes, highlights, or similar markings you make in your Device are backed up through the Service. Information we receive is subject to the Privacy Notice.
And everything that has a beginning has an end...

Amazon reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Service at any time, and Amazon will not be liable to you should it exercise such right.
Amazon reserves the right to amend any of the terms of this Agreement at its sole discretion by posting the revised terms on the Kindle Store or the website. Your continued use of the Device and Software after the effective date of any such amendment shall be deemed your agreement to be bound by such amendment.
But I'm pretty sure Amazon wants this device (and the service in general) to succeed and for their customers to be happy, so none of this bothers me particularly. But it's good to know what you're getting into.

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