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well. my story is actually a lot longer than what i've described on here. but comparing to the northamerican standard, i consider the customer service poor.

Originally Posted by elcreative View Post
You bought an item, didn't like it and returned it... nothing wrong with it, you just decided you wanted the 650... OK, your decision but now Waterstones have to return your 350 to Sony for them to check and designate as a refurb because it can't be sold as a new item (that's the law as it's been used). So how much time did you get from the assistants in dealing with this? That's two visits (at least) plus the time involved in documenting the return, preparing it for return, returning it and then dealing with the credit from Sony etc. And they charged you 10!!!! Wow, really bad service

Personally, as a former retail shop owner and manager, I think that the average customer gets away with murder in shops today... I still fail to see why anyone expects to return something just because they don't like it, nobody twisted their arm to buy in the first place and a returned item means an item that can no longer be sold as new... profit margins are tight enough as it is (one reason I got out of retail, too much effort for too little return).
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