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Originally Posted by Kevin527 View Post
Hi everybody,
going back to library before quitting seems to work. Thanks for the advice.

New problem: I have purchased books in iTunes and tried to sync them to iPad and they sinmply don't go onto the iPad, whether I check "Sync all" or "Sync Checked titles." It's obviuosly frustrating because I've bought the book....I can see it there on my computer but it won't download to either iPad or iPhone. Is anyone else experiencing this and can anybody suggest a work-around?

Thanks again
Im sorry if I missed it but what program on the ipad are you using to read books? Because if you bought a book from itunes, as far as I know, its gona alway try to only sync with ibooks.

Here is what I would try, uncheck sync books, and perform a ipad sync. Then make sure you only have one book reader installed on your ipad and then recheck sync books, with all books selected, and then perform a final sync. I think I had that problem once when I was testing all the different ebook readers on my ipad before I settled on ibooks.
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