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Originally Posted by Micah View Post
Are you the xristy123 on iTunes that said it crashes? If that is true, can you please post here repro steps and if possible affected file?
Yes I am xristy123 on iTunes.

In any event, three titles that fail for me are Serge Lang "Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds"; Michael Brin "Introduction to Dynamical Systems"; and Nicholas Manton "Topological Solitons". Each of these is a PDF that I purchased with Adobe DRM. Selecting either "Contents" or "Bookmarks" causes BFR to simply terminate.

On the other hand, Joseph Schumpeter "Ten Great Economists"; Eric Beinhocker "The Origin of Wealth: ..."; and Max Velmans "Understanding Consciousness" all work fine for both "Contents" and "Bookmarks". These are as the previous 3, purchased PDFs with Adobe DRM.

All six titles otherwise open fine and can be read and so on. It is simply the bookmarks and contents that fail on the first 3 and not the last 3.

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