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Originally Posted by adq View Post
Interesting that it all refreshes fine once you've done the initial manual one. Does typing something on the keyboard show up without the manual refresh? 'cos that should trigger repaints..
typing didn't refresh the screen, only the title bar.If i type a move command in Zork (i.e. S and Enter) the title bar changes from

kif:West of the House 0/0

kif: South of the House 0/1
but nothing else changes, the game list keeps still in the screen.

Originally Posted by adq View Post
I've a new test file, It won't fix the
refresh issue (yet), but it should make .zblorbs work.
Indeed it did it, I can play zblorbs games now.Cool.

Originally Posted by adq View Post
Oh - just realised - the fact that you're able to play games at all means my fix for the InterruptedException thing was correct, so we're making some progress at least!
Yeah! sure thing.

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