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Originally Posted by charliefx View Post
I remove kif and the games from KDXg and copy everything again (0.4/PRETEST), to get a 'clean' installation.

When I try to open minizork.z3 or curses.z5 from the kif sources the games didn't run and no log.txt was created.Then I tried troll.z5 (downloaded from the Infocom Archive) an same thing, nothing happens.

So I reconnect the usb cable to add another game, but this time I didn't exit kif before pluggin it.When I disconnect the Kindle to test the new game, the 'USB Drive Mode' screen refreshs and I get the Troll interface (first screen, The Troll Room) and I can play the game.

To me, this looks like a screeen refresh issue: when I open the game it's works ok, but I can't see cause the screen didn't fully refresh.Same thing with minizork.z3 and curses.z5

When I try TheEmptyRoom.zblorb, I get the log.txt again:

Until you can fix it I can play (no zblorb files) in the KDXg doing this:
- run kif.
- open a game.
- plug the usb cable.
- safely remove the device and unplug.
- ejoy the game.

Edit: I just realize that it's easier to start and stop the screensaver, with the power switch, after load the game.I try to refresh with Alt+G, but this didn't do the trick.
Cool, thanks for that testing. I'll have a think about the refresh issue; must be some core implementation difference between the KDX and the K3..

Interesting that it all refreshes fine once you've done the initial manual one. Does typing something on the keyboard show up without the manual refresh? 'cos that should trigger repaints..

I've a new test file, It won't fix the
refresh issue (yet), but it should make .zblorbs work.

It'll also catch errors during loading so failure to load one game will now display an error, and you can load new ones afterwards.

Oh - just realised - the fact that you're able to play games at all means my fix for the InterruptedException thing was correct, so we're making some progress at least!

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