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One of several ways to Do a print Friendly Version

If the rss feed goes to a pages that has a nice link to get a printer friendly version that is clean. Then this method can work really well for you in most cases. You will have to know a little bit about regular expressions or of course you can do like I do and cheat and use firebug to get the link say for instance /services/printVersion.asp then let convert it to python reg expression.

then you could use code like this...
put this at the top to allow for the use of the tempfile usage
from calibre.ptempfile import PersistentTemporaryFile
then in your recipe simply add this code block and change only the urlreg=
    temp_files = []
    articles_are_obfuscated = True

    def get_obfuscated_article(self, url):
        br = self.get_browser()
             we need to use a try catch block:
             what this does is trys to do an operation and if it fails instead of crashing it simply catchs it and does
             something with the error.
             So in our case we take and check to see if we can follow /content/printVersion, then if we can't
             then we simply pass it back the original calling url 
         response = br.follow_link(url_regex='.*?(\\/content\\/printVersion)', nr = 0)
         html =
         response =
         html =
        return self.temp_files[-1].name
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