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Originally Posted by michaelernst View Post
I love Darko Miletic's recipe for Le Monde Diplomatique English Edition. It works great, but is only able to download the most recent edition.

Would it be possible for Darko, or anyone else, to modify this recipe to allow access to past editions via the archive?

The structure of the archived editions is, so I think it should be simple, but what do I know.

A big thank you in advance for anyone who can provide a recipe to access the Le Monde archive.

I just thought of something, not sure if calibre supports it or not. You know how when required to login to a site we use the function calls to read data from the username/password text boxes and pass the variable to the function? Is there a way to prompt the user for input, or even store custom data say for instance field1 or field2.... and then read from that information?

So, like this user wants the archives for say 1995 Aug. they could simply run the recipe and it prompt for the year and month. if nothing is changed it defaults to the current feed.
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