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Originally Posted by québecoise
Nice to hear from you. When I said I wished Kobobooks had customer reviews, I was thinking that it would bring in more customers, so hiring more people wouldn't be a problem. I'm actually trying to drum up business for Kobobooks, since I think Amazon needs a strong rival. I don't think monopolies are good for consumers. (Also, I'm still a little troubled by the fact that Amazon erased 1984 from people's Kindles.) Sending an email to Kobobooks doesn't force them to do anything; it just let's them know about customer demand. If they don't have the staff to handle reviews at the moment, then they won't put reviews, and that's that. Most companies welcome customer feedback. So if you want reviews, let Kobobooks know . . .
I was pretty shocked when I heard about Amazon & 1984 of the reasons why I'm avoiding the Kindle. Good luck with your cause!

Originally Posted by HamsterRage View Post
Personally, I'm always going to be a bit suspicious about bookstore book reviews, simply because the purpose of the site is to sell books which makes it difficult for them to be unbiased with regards to review moderation.

For me, is the place to go for reviews, and it would take a completely ridiculous amount of effort for Kobo to turn out the kind of functionality of that site.

I'd much rather that the Kobo people spent their time getting the reader perfect, and leave the collecting of reviews to somebody else.
Hmm...just checked out What an awesome site! Just what I've been looking for. Thanks for sharing, HamsterRage.

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