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Hi, I've just installed it and I'm really impressed with it, there are lot of improvements over original amazon release, I like also navigation with shortcuts, it's really well-thought interface and seems it will be really useful upgrade for Kindle (pity I don't understand Chinese to know more features).

However I have one problem with pdf reflow feature: for any PDF I've tried after enabling reflow, I can see only text, all images in pdf are gone in reflow mode. I've tried few technical books (Cisco Press and other) and for all of them in normal pdf mode (no reflow) I can see images, but when I turn reflow, fonts change, so text is displayed very nicely but there is no images.

Anyone has idea if images are supported for pdf with reflow option?

Maybe someone who speak Chinese could ask on Duokan forum, please?

Thank you very much for you help

btw, installing it was really easy and without any problems
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