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highlights not independent of bookmarks

Originally Posted by Micah View Post
Thanks for the suggestions. FYI, it does support notes and highlighting. in EPUB you tap/hold over a word until you get a magnifying glass, then you might need to "nudge" around to select a word. Then you can edit the selection by dragging the "lollipop" handles. In PDF, once you get the magnifying glass, you drag across the area you want to select. Yea, it is a drag (pardon the pun) that the two are different. Anyway, once you get a desired selection, you can "bookmark" the selection (or copy it if the publisher permissions allow) which will highlight the range, record a bookmark in the list, of which you can attach a note to.
I would suggest that it might be a little more helpful if highlighting didn't imply a bookmark and a note. I was confused because when I tried the gesture for selecting I thought I would see several selections including highlight, but saw only "add bookmark" and "copy". This led me to make the comment that you replied to.
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