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New version released.
  • Improved Pre support.
  • Improved Xhtml importer handling of whitespace.
  • Opf Spine Linear added.
  • Added drag and drop insertion adorner.
  • Added more icons.
  • Fixed problem importing consecutive special characters, such as &.
  • Disabled note, sidebar controls. Still need to deal with Endnote and footnote.
  • Fixed problem with Xhtml import when several image tags had the same src url.
  • Some small performance improvements.
  • Removed span from Q tags when rendered as glyphs. May return as option.
  • Put in a hack to deal with exceptions thrown by ListCollectionView. Not sure if that will cause corruption in wpf internals.

I'm leaving for a holiday but when I return I plan to get a 1.0 release ready. 1.0 will include:
  • finishing up the saving/opening of Ephx format
  • improving the preview function.

After that, 1.1 should add:
  • ePub import
  • Adding support for other file types such as .gif, .ttf, etc.
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