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Memory Error trying to download EuroGamer RSS Feed

My previous attempts with feed setups were either straightforward, or required only trivial coding, however I have no idea to get the following feed:

class AdvancedUserRecipe1287115920(BasicNewsRecipe):
title = u'Digital Foundry'
oldest_article = 10
max_articles_per_feed = 100

feeds = [(u'Digital Foundry', u'')]
Why I try to run it, it fails with a Memory Error, while working on CSS.

Merging user specified metadata...
Detecting structure...
Flattening CSS and remapping font sizes...
Python function terminated unexpectedly
(Error Code: 1)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 103, in main
File "", line 85, in run_entry_point
File "site-packages\calibre\utils\ipc\", line 107, in main
File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\", line 24, in gui_convert
File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\conversion\", line 915, in run
File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\oeb\transforms\" , line 122, in __call__
File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\oeb\transforms\" , line 147, in stylize_spine
File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\oeb\", line 203, in __init__
File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\oeb\", line 103, in __init__
File "site-packages\lxml\", line 523, in css_to_xpath
File "site-packages\lxml\", line 648, in parse
File "site-packages\lxml\", line 663, in parse_selector_group
File "site-packages\lxml\", line 685, in parse_selector
File "site-packages\lxml\", line 697, in parse_simple_selector
File "site-packages\lxml\", line 969, in next
Is there a way to fix this?

(Also some of the articles are multi-page, it will be another source of issue, after I get this initial step running).
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