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Originally Posted by yvanleterrible View Post
Can you fudge a picture in black? Every thing ughly looks better in black!
I guess you mean "in the dark"?

Seriously, I'm looking forward to the anouncement of the kindle. Hopefully it will be available in Europe, or at least will not be restricted to the USA. Concerning the price, 400$/€ would turn me off, in this case I hope there will be some sort of subscription service, and the device sells for less (or even nothing). I would consider a two year contract...

And to say it once again: I still like this retroish design.
My wildest dream: If it is the final design, and noone buys them, prices will drop and I'll buy one for 50$/€* early next year.

* isn't there a sign that signifies both currencies at once? We should call it "Common Transatlantic Payment Unit" or something like that...
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