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First of all: Thanks for the great work you did so far.
Regarding this:
Originally Posted by ikaris
Hi rollercoaster and Starson17,

First of all, great work on the Google Reader recipe for Calibre. A lot of people appreciate it!

I am currently using Calibre and your recipe to transfer Google Reader articles to my Kindle, but the file that is transferred only contains the first paragraph of the articles, not the whole thing.

What I want to be able to do is flag articles that I want to read on my Kindle, and have Calibre create an ebook with the full text of the articles that I select, not just the first paragraph.

Is that possible?

It should be downloading the whole article. Make sure you can actually see the full article in google reader. Also, some blogs dont provide full articles in their feeds so that users visit the original site to read the full article.
I have got the same problem, but the original article is not showing up in google as well. Isn't there a possibility to make the recipe "click" the link in google, chose the print version and download this.
I am sorry if this sounds stupid. My programming abilities are confined to minimal C++ and it sounds so easy if you could just talk to the computer (yet I know it's hard programming work)...

Second thing:
I would also find it great if the articles would be marked as read once they are downloaded! Have you already seen this thread? This app seems to be able to mark articles as read! Maybe you can get in touch with the author!?
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