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Augen "The Book" is a Orphan CONFIRMED

Originally Posted by Metal Mick View Post
Hi all,

it would be a bit of a shame if TB died so ignominiously - essentially neglected by an apathetic and seemingly inept company.

The hardware itself seems okay - mine are working fine, and seem to be made quite well, though the right-hand page forward button is definitely losing its markings.

I am happy with mine - it was a toe in the water exercise - and so is my wife. If we get a solid year out of each then we will have no regrets. Unlike Kilohertz53, I have not fiddled with the other features so much, but probably will at some stage.

The software is the weak link, and to release a device with so many bugs in its firmware tends to underline the sentiments in my opening sentence.

I had a quick look at the Literati thinking that if it was the same hardware then a complete swap of firmware might be on the cards, but alas it seems not, for the chassis looks to be quite different .

Still TB is being sold by a number of stores, including one that claims it is marked down from over $200 (!), so it seems to be sold in significant numbers. This should generate consumer pressure to amend the flaws in its software. Here's hoping.


Michael P
Sorry to say I now have confirmation that Augen is selling off as any TB's that they have to clearance houses so be prepared to se the TB on sites like Geeks and others.

To follow up Augen is now marketing Seven ANDROID based devices that include touch screens and the same free ebook library that we have in our TB’s as well as a Android decent ebook reader, had one in my hands for about one hour this courtesy of a “buyer” that was asking my opinion.
Looks like a decent china made M003 running android 2.1.
Will keep you informed on any new developments but at this point I will be surprised if Augen will even admit that they made the TB….

Radioman52 Over and out....
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