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Hello from the NYC

Hi, I recently got the Kindle 3 and even more recently started using calibre to manage newspaper and magazine subscriptions and am hopelessly hooked on both. Life is so much easier when you don't have to carry around a ton of paper if you want to read the news while going from Point A to Point B! Many thanks to the creator of calibre and the people who have developed recipes for it.

I had a question regarding calibre and news feeds. I did a quick search and did not find an answer, so please forgive me if this is one that's in the FAQ. When I do a news download/conversion/send calibre generates a Table of Contents but places it at the end of the mobi document. I can easily see why this happens technically (program downloads the feed, keeps a tally, appends, all perfectly linear and efficient). If it all possible I would like to have that ToC at the front of the document or be the place my Kindle and/or reader jumps to first. Does anyone have an idea how I can make this happen, or is it one of the obvious things that a newbie has shot right by?

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