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I "get" that, at least on some level. It seems to me that many, many Kobo buyers have limited experience with making user adjustments to technology. A lot, perhaps the majority, of the folks who hang out here have gotten fairly comfortable with things like replacing the sqlite Db
I sure am hoping I don't have to do this ~ I don't think I could ever 'get comfortable' with doing so :shudder:

The same cannot be said, for example, about people who only go to Facebook with their problems.
I think quite a few of the FB people (myself included) have come to mobileread looking for answers.
I put off doing so myself because I'd been a stalker for a while & really could not understand a lot of the techno speak.

Of course, I've found since that many of you are very helpful & supportive people, which has been very much appreciated

From one perspective an eReader is like an appliance--it should just work when you plug it in and follow the directions. When an update process doesn't work properly or when a badly formed ePUB fails to load using ADE (but has landed in the Db) and then seems to screw with things like which books appear first in the 'I'm Reading" list, people can feel as if their appliance is broken. And it is. The fact that more experienced users can take care of these problems themselves is irrelevant to people who either cannot do it, or do not feel as if they should have to go that far.
This is DEF me. If I buy an 'appliance' I expect it to do the job for which it was designed and for which it was intended, without fault.
Consumer protection legislation in Oz means I can fall back on my expectations and be backed up 'legally'.
I don't want to buy an applaince which then requires me to be able to keep it maintain it/keep it functioning.

I don't buy a car with the expectation I will have to maintain myself - and a car is, after all, just another appliance.

Kobo have been exceptional with the customer support, but if their appliance had been further advanced in its development prior to its release, there would have been many less people suffering from Kobo-itis IMO.
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