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I had think about it... and is true. I'm a little afraid about battery of iLiad but CyBook and SonyReader have both a small display. So, I shall buy an iLiad. I'm almost sure but I have some question about take notes and other things.

1. The motes for me is a good thing because when I read a book biger than 1000 pages where I find a lots od characters I take always notes about how-is-how. So, can i jump between my e-book and notes whitout problems? I mean, I need a sort of "paper" where I write that Bob is brother of Sam, Jane is the mother of Minni. Maibe I can write it directly in the book, don't know.

2. I love reading, but I love write too, so iLiad is a good thing another time =). But, in which format the notes are saved? JPEG? Can I transfer the notes on pc and read it?

3. I really don't know if this is possible, but, can I convert my notes (handfree) in a regular font? Why this question. In a page I had seen some picture, whitout explanation, where I had seen a document on the left in handfree taken from iLiad and on the right the same word and text in arial.
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