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Originally Posted by Tiersten View Post

Not sure why you're concerned about the fact that the 3G info page at 611 is there but empty.
Well, not really concerned, just puzzeled by the fact that my K3 WiFi shows 1 of the 2 3G-pages .

You'd expect the K3 WiFi to show:
- or no 3G-page at all ;
- or 2 empty 3G-pages ;

Originally Posted by Tiersten View Post

As for the country, again it doesn't matter as you're in Europe and the WiFi channel allocations are the same everywhere in Europe. There is no difference at all in power or channel availability.
But why does it say specifically "Country: DE" ?
Why not something like "Country: EU" ?

(And for all the jokers out there, yes I know, Europe is not a country)
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