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How do I do upgrade with SD card?

Hi everyone - it's me, the serial pest, back again. I have really appreciated your support & am calling on your help and patience once more.

A very kind member lent me an SD card with the .4 upgrade on it.

My Kobo had frozen on the loading page (the one where the blocks in the bottom right corner show loading progress) and I could not turn it off. Nor could I access any functions.

I thought I'd try the SD card anyhow - what the hell the thing's worthless to me as it is??!!!

"some" things happened ...

* I can now turn it on and off
* I can access the free pre-loaded books, but all my purchased books have been stripped
* I still have an "I'm reading" list and I can move between 'home', 'display' etc and I can page turn.

HOWEVER, when I checked the settings I see the version is still 1.0
It is not showing 1.4

Should I try again?

If so, can some kind person please step me through the process as if you were explaining to a child - detailed, with simple language used, in dot point.

My tech knowledge is not at a high level, (which I am a bit embarrassed to admit here) so the K.I.S.S. principle works well for me in this area.

I appreciate any and all responses.

Bottom line? My Kobo appears to be working again, but I do not believe I managed to successfully complete the .4 upgrade - otherwise this would be showing in the settings as such.

If you would sooner communicate via Message or email, please let me know.

TIA from a very grateful Aussie

edited to add - I have read through the upgrade stickies and the language & words there make my head hurt! I do not understand very much of what has been said there at all

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