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Many thanks! and a follow up...

I appreciate the replies... Since there's a cost difference between the Sony device (which I have been leaning towards) and the CyBook, which may meet my stated need of least fun/frustration with conversion, let me ask the following as well (note that I am new to the ebook world...):

- if I purchase a book in Mobi format (or any other not supported by the Sony device), what kind of experience would I have porting the book over to one that Sony does support? For example, would I download to my computer, then port the book, then load onto device? Or some other method? Is it a 10 minute process? Longer? What software is good for this? Is there a potential for formatting issues or other things that I need to be aware of that would negatively impact my enjoyment of the book once it is ported?

I do like playing around with stuff like this in general, but with a tough job, long commute, and a three year old, the actual reading time is paramount!

Thanks again,
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