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Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
It is not allowed to have an <img> directly inside the <body>, you should wrap it a <div>, or put it inside the <h2> (think of the image as a word).

Try this:

<div class="header"><img src="MTpic0001.png" alt="The Teacher" /></div>
<h2 id="c1">The Teacher</h2>
div.header {text-align: center;}
div.header img {width: 250px;}
h2 {font-weight: bold; text-align:center; margin-bottom:1.2em; page-break-before:avoid;}
or adding "page-break-after: avoid;" to the div.header.

I tried this method...still the same thing. I don't know...there must be something I've missed in the overall CSS. So I followed your design, and simply changed the h2 to a p (and then declared it as class="Chapter") for the TOC. Works well. I still would've liked to have known what was going on...but this will have to do.
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