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Is is possible to download to a K3 a calibre library created for a DX?


I have a USDX and, since I am outside the Whispernet network, I have downloaded all my kindle purchases (approx. 450) to my computer (a Mac), and then into calibre where the metadata was manipulated to my satisfaction. I then "added" the titles to my DX as they were acquired. Up to this point, everything worked fine. Calibre is a great program and, while I am sure there are functions of which I am unaware, it more than suits my current needs.

Now my question: I recently bought a Kindle 3 (for greater portability when I am out) and assumed it would be a simple matter to connect my K3 to my computer and add my entire calibre library to it. Everything seemed to work fine calibre indicated when all the books had been added; however, when I tried to open them on the K3, I got the message:

"This item cannot be opened because it is licensed to a different user. Delete the item and download it from your Archived Items or purchase a copy from the Kindle Store."

Both my kindles are registered to the same account so did not understand this advisory. I then went into the Welcome Wizard in calibre's "Preferences" and changed my "device" from DX to K3 and re-added my collection from calibre. When all my titles were listed as being on "Main" device, I tried to open a few of them on my K3 but, once again, I got the "This item cannot be opened" message.

I cannot imagine that it is not possible to use one calibre library on two different kindles on the same account, and so would someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I am not very computer literate, although the extent of my knowledge has enabled me to manage to download and use calibre.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Another query: what is the easiest way to get my calibre library from my desktop (its "home") to my laptop for use on my kindle app? Could I download the file onto a flash drive and copy it that way, or is there a way to use MobileMe? Have tried the latter and it did not work, but perhaps (most likely!) I was doing it incorrectly.
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