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Originally Posted by capidamonte View Post
What's the <div> CSS?

And why are there two </div> for only one <div>?
Sorry...disappeared for a while.

I've really cleared back the CSS and Div tags to not confuse the issue.

Basically, I have an image that is supposed to appear at the top of of a new page, followed by the Chapter title. This is what I have:

<img class="header" src="MTpic0001.png" alt="The Teacher" />
<h2 id="c1">The Teacher</h2>

My css is as follows:
h2 {font-weight: bold; text-align:center; margin-bottom:1.2em; page-break-before:avoid;}

img.header{width:250px;margin: 0 auto;}

But what it's doing is putting the image (only 250 wide, 100 high), then a pagebreak, then the Chapter Title. I though maybe it had something to do with the TOC in Calibre...but even going without a TOC it still happens.

In Sigil, it separates the image into its own HTML file, followed by the chapter.

Any ideas?
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