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Originally Posted by stehk View Post
The problem is that self generated dictionaries don't know any inflections. So if you really want a powerful dictionary plus inflections I would definitely recommend you this one:

I think it's really crazy that amazon owns mobipocket, but there is no official way to get the mobipocket DRM protected dictionaries working on the Kindle.
Anyway, maybe it works with this:
And AFAIK every proper mobi dictionary works fine on the kindle, as long as they don't have DRM
I'm utterly disgusted by Amazon and their But unfortunately I have no option, so I followed yours and Ea's suggestions and bought this PONS book. Thank you so much for the recommendation. It appears to be a very comprehensive and high quality dictionary.

I tried getting the Kindle 3 PID using one of these little python scripts to get the PID based on Kindle serial number*. I got a possible PID number and tried activating the book on so I could read it on the Kindle, but it didn't work. So I had to decrypt it. I detailed the process here, but it's well documented everywhere.

For what's worth, by the way, I didn't have to hack the file header to change the language to English. It worked fine right away.

A big thanks to everyone on this thread and other threads explaining how to get international dictionaries into the Kindle.

And come on Amazon! Just get your act together and start offering a decent German-English dictionary!

* I don't think my kindle serial is a secret number or is unique in the Universe (therefore it's easy to guess), but I didn't feel comfortable with putting this on the website you recommended.
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