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Error in the WiFi information on the 711 Page

In the interesting article Kindle 3 Keyboard Shortcuts et al on , it says under General :
From Settings screen:
- Change 3G provider: type 311 (ALT+EQQ)
- Kindle Serial No et al: type 411 (ALT+RQQ)
- 3G Modem information: type 611 (ALT+YQQ)
- Wi-fi Modem information: type 711 (ALT+UQQ)
I tried this on my K3 WiFi and found out :
- as expected there's no 311 Page ;
- but there is a 611 Page, though it's empty ;
- the 711 Page contains an error; it says "Country: DE", but that should be "Country: NL" ;

Has anyone else discovered a similar error on his/her K3 ?

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