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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Your problem is that you ar directing everything to the front page:
[CODE]</p><p class="calibre2"><a href="20thCenturyGhosts_split_000.htm#20th">20th Century Ghost</a>
[/CODE that only contains 1 line

Example: the intro is on ...split_001
You will Hear... on...split002
You need to edit that part only, to indicate which file to use
I did as you said and changed the links to the appropriate pages in which they were located but nothing changed. So I went into the folder (after changing it to a zip file and then extracting it) and opened "toc.ncx" in notepad. I changed the same thing as above in this file and then re-added it, re-zipped it, and threw it in Calibre and converted it to ePub. This yielded partial success... Now when I open the ePub file to view and select a chapter in the table of contents instead of being brought to page 2 I am brought to the very beginning of whichever file the chapter is on.

For example, clicking the first story brings me to "Table of Contents..." clicking the third story brings me to "Table of Contents..." but clicking the fourth story (You Will Hear...) brings me to "You Will Hear..." but only because it is the first story on the second file. Clicking the fifth story brings me (or leaves me) at "You Will Hear" (the top of the page it is on).

Thanks for the help and if you have any idea how to address this I'd appreciate it. But I'm still glad of the progress so far.
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