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Adding Table of Contents to ePub problems...

Let me preface by saying that I have Googled this, read forums, and have read the manual/user guide.

Apparently I'm an idiot.

My problem is this-
I cannot get a Table of Contents to work in a particular ePub I have. I downloaded it with a ToC but every link in the table links to page 2 (which is just the title page).

Anyone needing the file directly to help me can find it here.

Below is a sample of the code in the ToC from the htm file within the ePub.


<a href="20thCenturyGhosts_split_000.htm#intro">Introduction by Christopher Golden</a>

<p class="calibre2"><a href="20thCenturyGhosts_split_000.htm#best">Best New Horror</a>

</p><p class="calibre2"><a href="20thCenturyGhosts_split_000.htm#20th">20th Century Ghost</a>

</p><p class="calibre2"><a href="20thCenturyGhosts_split_000.htm#pop">Pop Art</a>


</p><p class="calibre2"/><div class="calibre3" style="text-align:center"><b class="calibre10">* * *<a name="#intro" id="#intro"></a>

</b><p class="calibre2"><big class="calibre11">Introduction</big></p></div>

<p class="calibre2">Modern horror is not often subtle. Most of those who practice the art of the unsettling far too often go for the jugular, forgetting that the best predators are stealthy. Nothing wrong with going for the jugular, of course, but writers of genuine skill and talent have more than one trick in their bags.
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