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Question about illiad....

I like pretty much everything about this (except for the price, of course) but only two things really concern me, the UI and the loading times although I know that there trying to speed that up with later releases. The UI of the sony reader is one thing that I do like about the sony though because you can look at books under the author as well as other options but the author option is what concerns me the most because I am going to put a lot of books on it. Is there a way to do this on the Illiad?

Also, I know that you can put rss feeds on the illiad and thats what the 'news' button is for but does it also catagorize the site that you got each feed from...? And does anyone know if there are more digitized newspapers or magazines that are in development and would soon be able to put on the illiad like the one they have now but not from europe, popluar ones like newsday ect.

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