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Conversion to epub with ecub/Calibre

Hi All
I am trying to convert a Mobipocket prc file created with Mobipocket Creator into an epub file. I am using Ecub to do this as I have been told that it can create a cleaner file than Calibre on its own, and so I want to compare them. Ecub uses Calibre for some of the conversion.

I have installed Ecub 1.11 on a windows system. I have also installed Calibre 0.7.23. Within ecub preferences/helpers tab, I have pointed to C:/Program Files/Calibre2 as the Calibre folder containing the conversion utilities. However, once I get to the step where I select the prc file that I want converted and then click next, the program shows an error notice that it cannot find the conversion file: C:\Program files\Calibre2\mobi2oeb“-o”. I have done a search of the Calibre installed files, and there is no file within it called mobi2oeb“-o”. Can anyone tell me how to point ecub to the Calibre conversion files in the versions I have installed, or do I need to use an earlier version of Calibre?

Thanks for your help

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