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Originally Posted by tadhgadams View Post
You can access Stanza's documents directly through the iTunes application and save them to your computer.
This! This this this this this!
Thank you for the reminder.
I wanted to stop back and say thank you to everyone who responded, and so also write down what I did to solve this problem in case anyone else may wander through the forum in search of an answer.

1) Plug in your iPad
2) Go into iTunes, click on your iPad on the left.
3) Click on "Apps" across the top of your iTunes screen.
4) Scroll down until you see a list of apps that you are able to File Share with. It will say appropriately "File Sharing"
5) Click on "Stanza".
6) You should now see your entire library, as it exists on your iPad on the right hand side.
7) Highlight one book, then CNTRL-A to highlight them all.
8) Click on "Save To" on the lower right hand side.
9) A finder/explorer window will come up, asking you where to save all your books. I created a new folder called "Stanza Library Back Up".
10) Click on "OK" (Windows) or 'Choose" (OSX) and the books will start to populate that folder.
11) You now have a recent, up to date back up of your Stanza library, which you can now import into Calibre.


Thanks once again to everyone who answered on this Saturday. I appreciate it.

- Bill
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