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Originally Posted by taming View Post
This is probably an unpopular POV, but the DRM is doing it's job--if you didn't buy the book, you have no access to the download. My husband and I share one Kobo account and one ADE account. We also share one credit card . It works just fine. I cannot share the books in that account with the people in my book club unless they too have my account information (including passwords) and then they have to want only my books--because a second account will be a no go--or I have to be OK with them charging their new books to my credit card (not likely).

We had a problem with our ADE (long story) and ended up with two ADE accounts on one Kobo account. Kobo support went into our account and set them all to the same ADE--problem solved. It's worth asking if they can combine your two accounts, for sure.
Not particularly user friendly, but it makes sense.
Thanks for your insights.
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