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Kobo is Broken

Hello to all from Montreal, Canada.

This is my first post in the Kobo eReader Forum.
Unfortunately, my Kobo stopped working entirely, after having misbehaved for a while. Here are a few symptomps (non exhaustive list):

1. When trying to read a book marked New, bought at the Kobo website, it goes directly to the end, without opening any other page. The displayed message is :
< Press next page to close he book and return to library>

2. Newly bought books, downloaded to the computer running Mac OS X are not being synced with the plugged in Kobo eReader The error message that I get is:
<We are unable to update your device's database. Syncing cannot be completed>

3. Deauthorizing and reauthorizing the reader with Adobe Digital Editions has no effect on the KoboReader's behaviour.

I've tried to reset the device, without success.
Does that mean that the reader is dead, beyond salvation?

My Kobo Desktop Edition for MacOS X is version 1.4.
My Kobo eReader is running software version 1.4 (Jan 27 2010).

Thanks for any help.
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