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Odd Behaviour...

Yesterday I go to turn on my 500 and it won't turn on..I try a few times and the screen stays blank, occasionally flashing something up (far too fast to be read) So I reset the device and nothing happens, finally after much button pushing and head scratching I pull the 1 Gb SD Card out, at which point the screen goes nuts, turning on and off and finally resetting, which I guess implies that all the button pressing was buffered. I turn the device off again and re-insert the card. When I try to turn the device on again, I get the same behavior, it won't run until I pull the SD card. I put the card in my newly acquired 505 and it works fine. So I take another 256Mb card I have with nothing on it and put it in the 500 and it starts. I copy my books on to the 256Mb card and it works. I go to read a book on the card and it opens another book that is one the reader itself. I look and now the card is not recognised, turn off/on and reset don't help, it just doesn't see the card.
This morning I put the card I was using in my 505 (before I swapped in the one from the 500) into the 500 and it works OK, I can open a book on the card, no problems at all. The original card I had in my 500 has worked fine since I got the device (August this year). The only thing I can think of is that prior to the thing going haywire I plugged the 500 into a machine that didn't have the Connect software on and then turned the 500 on.

Any ideas? Should I be trying to send it to Sony for a fix (can I even do that since I am based in Oz and bought the device through BHP)

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