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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
As far as I know the Kindle doesn't allow you to see a Table of Contents in periodicals you have to use the sections based navigation
Thanks Kovid. That's too bad. I was able to download the RSS news from a different source in HTML, then convert them to mobi through Calibre and it shows a TOC. Of course there is no "Section" navigation with this method.
The problem I see with the Kindle not allowing TOC in periodicals is that I can't see which article i want to read, which results in clicks and clicks all the time trying to find an article.. that I may like and pick.

Thank you for your help and the development of this great software.

If you are positive that the Kindle does not allow TOC in periodicals, it is certainly bad. Maybe somebody will prove us wrong...I hope.

Update: Silly me, when you click on "Section" you can go to "view articles" column with the 5 way, then it will list the articles. Next time I will read the instructions better. Thanks everyone.

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