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Is Folder book organisation possible?

Hi all,
I am new to Sony readers (although not to e-book readers in general), so please be gentle!

My question is, apart from organising books in Collections, what are other options? On my previous reader, i could organise everything in folder structure. Ie, i could have all books sorted into two major folders - Russian and English. Under each of these i would have a separate folder for each author.
There doesn not seem to be a similar option for Sony reader. Am i correct?

My other question, once i create a collection, my chosen order of books in that collection does not seem to be retained. Ie, i want the books in each collection to be sorted by Author name, but each time i return to the collection, the order is back to Last Added. Is there any way to fix this or is this The Sony Way??

apart from that, i love love love this reader!! Can not fault it really.

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