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Calibre News on Kindle DX TOC problem

Hi everyone, I posted this issue on the Kindle forum, which I should not have I guess, since it is more of a Calibre question.

Anyways, the problem is, I get to fetch the news on Calibre, and when I open it on my computer with Mobipocket or the Calibre built in reader it shows a table of contents. However when I transfer it to my Kindle DX, I can't find the TOC, I can click on the bottom of the screen where it says "sections" but I want to be able to see the articles on the same page and then pick one, just like when you click on "Contents" while on Mobipocket on the computer or on Calibre.

Hope I explained it correctly, but I think you understand what I mean.

I am also new to Kindle, and I can;t find an answer anywhere else. I have tried.

Well, thank you for your help, hopefully somebody can share their ideas and solution.
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