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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
I recall someone, probably Valloric saying that the performance of Qt WebKit on OS X is very poor (Qt WebKit is the html rendering engine the viewer uses).
I am not aware of Qt (Qt=Quicktime?) Webkit but the "OSX Webkit" is the basis for all HTML rendering with Safari and other Browsers (like OmniWeb) This is absolutely fine on my system. However does Calibre uses its own webkit enginge and not using the Safari version? That might be an explanaition.

I am using the latest Calibre Version with OSX 10.5.10

I also dont have problems with a slow start, its mostly the epuB viewer which takes 20-30 seconds to render a page...

Adobe DE as alternative? Maybe, but there is the hazzle with registration and potential Adobe spyware...
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