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I'm starting to wonder if the whole issue of file/database corruption may be caused by data loss from a dodgy USB port on the Kobo? I am finding that sometimes when I plug it in neither the PC nor the Kobo recognise the connection. If I disconnect and reconnect it will work.

Any thoughts on whether this would be possible? If the USB connection was flakey could a file or two get corrupted? My IT brain says no, the USB is either connected or not connected, it's not really possible for it to be connected yet still have degradation of the data.

But the thing is, when I had all the problems I was mostly working while lying in bed (injured my leg and was immobile for a few days) and the Kobo was never lying flat, was getting moved around a lot etc. Today I have been very careful to keep the Kobo in precisely the same spot and not move it around at all while the data is being transferred and it's working really well, almost 2/3 way through loading all my books and it's doing fine.

Any previous known issue of dodgy USB ports on Kobos?
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