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Originally Posted by M3NTAL View Post
I went through this a couple of nights ago. A real pain in the _ss.

I ended up deleting everything off the kobo drive and running windows chkdsk against it. I then replaced the contents of the drive, except I made sure the images directory was empty and made sure the sqllite db was not copied over. I then booted up the device and it had no titles (as the SD card was not inserted). I turned off the device, inserted the SD card then booted it back up. At that point, the db was rebuilt (which took quite a long time) and the device began to behave properly once more.

Before going through the procedure above, I spent a solid 2hrs trying a variety of different things.
Thanks for that, I have loaded almost half of my content since the last wipe with no issues yet (fingers are crossed) but if I get another fail I'm going to try your method.

From your post it seems you keep all your content on the SD card, I was thinking of doing this, do you find it makes the device any faster, slower or no difference when you keep the Kobo storage empty and store everything on the SD?
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