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Originally Posted by djorkboy View Post
So I loaded some books manually and the Kobo went through it's "processing new content" procedure for about as long as I would expect for that amount of books to take but once it was finished none of the new books showed up.

Now up to wipe number 5 and getting frustrated.
I went through this a couple of nights ago. A real pain in the _ss.

I ended up deleting everything off the kobo drive and running windows chkdsk against it. I then replaced the contents of the drive, except I made sure the images directory was empty and made sure the sqllite db was not copied over. I then booted up the device and it had no titles (as the SD card was not inserted). I turned off the device, inserted the SD card then booted it back up. At that point, the db was rebuilt (which took quite a long time) and the device began to behave properly once more.

Before going through the procedure above, I spent a solid 2hrs trying a variety of different things.
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