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50 Benefits of Ebooks
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New Ebook: The 2010 Edition of =50 Benefits of Ebooks=

50 Benefits of Ebooks:
A Thinking Person's Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution

A revised and expanded new ebook about ebooks, published today, is packed with information about how to understand, and enjoy, the
digital reading revolution. The book, soon to be released as a 368-page paperback, is now available in ebook editions which contain all the same information as the paperback yet sell for less than four dollars.

Published by Zorba Press (in Ithaca, New York), 50 Benefits of Ebooks is a lively introduction to the brave new worlds of ebooks and electronic publishing. This revised edition (now 66,000 words) is 25% larger than the September 2009 edition, and contains ten new chapters. The ebook now available in PDF and EPUB is priced at $ 3.99.

In the book's Chapter 35, MobileRead and Calibre have been selected as two of the 36 top resources about ebooks and electronic publishing. The author reviewed more than 1,000 websites, blogs, books and articles related to ebooks and epublishing, to select the 36 that were the most useful and interesting (to him).

(Of course, the excellence of of MobileRead and Calibre is no news to readers of this forum.)

50 Benefits of Ebooks
A Thinking Persons's Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution

October 2010 -- 66,000 words
Published by Zorba Press, ISBN: 9780927379175

To buy the ebook, visit the ebook's web page:

Full News Release is here:

Michael Pastore
in Ithaca, New York
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